Got Backup Pre-Launch Webinar

Got Backup Live Webinar Saturday February 7th

(Got Backup Launches Tuesday, February 10th at Noon Central time!) is the very first Unlimited Space cloud backup service that will be paying 100% commissions!
  • In 2011 only 7% of people were using online backup
  • In 2015 that is expected to be 36% by the end of the year!!

All of us at one time or another have lost:

  • financial records or documents
  • precious pictures and memories
  • had a personal compute crash or stolen

In the past… we have been used to using external hard drives.

But they are not reliable either, they can:

  • fail and are non redundant
  • their lifespan is 2 to 3 years
  • they too get lost or stolen
  • they are not AUTOMATED so people forget to backup

This opportunity to get Cloud Backup & Storage is going to take the Network marketing community and the world by storm!


Gotbackup is the first truly automated "set and forget for life" online
backup system that:

  • Provides Unlimited space to backup EVERYTHING
  • Set it up once backup automatically (forget about it after)
  • Access your files anytime and anywhere in the world. Even on 
    your mobile device
  • Share your files or pictures instantly with anyone!
  • Fully redundant where we back your files up to multiple
    data centers!
  • Fully 256 bit encryption, as secure as your online banking!!
  • And You Get Paid when you get your friends and acquaintances to sign up!

So look:

We are having a Pre Launch webinar this coming 
Saturday February 7th 2015 at 11am Eastern.

On this webinar you will:

  • learn all about this amazing opportunity
  • if this opportunity is for you, you will be able to lock in before
    anyone else!! Before we go live!

Click here To lock in your position by joining this Webinar

Get Paid To Backup Your PC!

Do You Backup Regularly? Do you Get Paid to do so?


Get Paid To Backup?

An intriguing idea that should encourage everyone to backup their computers and any mobile device like an iphone, ipad or android . I'll get to that in a few paragraphs (Can't wait, very well, skip to the Bottom Line!)

If you don't backup your valuable memories of your families life contained in your photographs and videos, don't be surprised when you lose them all, because you have not got a backup when your hard drive fails, as it eventually will! 

I have bought many backup hard drives in the past to protect myself against the eventual computer disaster, knowing that they too will fail in due course. My current 3 computers have 6 backup hard drives (I bought them after my 1.0 terrabyte network storage drive (Where all my photos and videos were) … until our overhead power supply was boosted by a lighting strike! 

Storage in the Cloud

So migration to Cloud Storage was a natural progression, but I wanted it to be an automatic process, that also updated any files that I had been working on. Also retrieval of files from the cloud was essential without any hassle.

Bottom Line-Get Paid?

Got Backup, A Cloud Storage solution offering automatic backup, going live in 14 days from the date of this post. Get on the Early Bird notification list so that you can be notified when this amazing home based business opportunity goes live! 


Spin ReWriter 4.0

Tired of Writing and Re-Writing Your Articles? 

I was, until a few weeks ago when I saw that Spin ReWriter 4.0 was being launched on 18th October 2013, then I remembered that I had seen an article about article spinners that I had bought in the past such as the Best Spinner by Jon Leger and version 2.0 of Spin ReWriter that I had been using since June last year.

I am sure that most affiliates that have produced or bought articles for publication have also tried out the many article spinners on the market (Like me!) and found that they can produce gibberish, not comprehensible by even an English native speaker, let alone a non English speaker! Likewise I am sure that you have also been to websites that are on page 1 that also have spun rubbish too?

Before Spin ReWriter 2.0 writing and rewriting my own work and even PLR articles was tedious and also time consuming to produce the volumes necessary to satisfy the search engines enough, to eventually to get to page 1. In addition just how many variations of an article can one write before frustration sets in? 

Here is the "Getting Started" video for Spin ReWriter Version 3.0 to give you a taste of a new era in quality article production. It can't get any easier than this, can it?

If you have never used an article spinner before then I would have recommended Spin ReWriter 3.0 but as I will be upgraded automatically to the latest version on Friday 18th 2013 it makes sense to go for the latest version. You can read about Spin ReWriter 4.0 below or if you can't wait…

 You can register for the prelaunch here: Spin Rewriter 4.0

Unique Readable Content!

 If you haven't heard about Spin Rewriter yet, let me just say that it is the best article spinner currently available on the market. It understand the actual meaning of words, so it only ever picks the best synonyms!

Aaron, the guy behind all this, will launch the 4.0 version of Spin Rewriter in less than a week. 

You are probably wondering why I'm already mentioning it — the thing wasn't even launched yet?

The reason is in the fact that Aaron is preparing a very special prelaunch. During this prelaunch, he'll be sharing some great SEO tips with you. He will also show you how article spinning is best used in SEO and how you can implement it in your business. 

Everything is completely FREE. You can register for the prelaunch here: Spin Rewriter 4.0

There are also some other advantages of registering for the Spin Rewriter PRELAUNCH…
* You will lock in the special 60% discount for Spin Rewriter
* You will be notified when Spin Rewriter 4.0 is launched, so you can get in EARLY
* You will have a lot of FUN!

You can find all the other information and the signup form here:
You can register for the prelaunch here: Spin Rewriter 4.0

You don't want to miss out on this!

P.S. You can only register for PRELAUNCH until the launch — after that, the registration page with the awesome free SEO tips will be closed.
You can register for the prelaunch here: Spin Rewriter 4.0


Secret On Page SEO Tool

Magic On Page SEO Tool

A secret/magic on page SEO tool? I don't know about the magic bit but I do know that it would best to keep this tool under wraps as we don't want everyone to use it do we! This is a cool new WordPress plugin that automatically rates your "on page SEO" Great for anyone who does search engine optimization (SEO) for online and offline businesses and especially for local SEO consultants who need to be sure that their clients website pages will be fully optimized.

After all it's no good expecting lots of visitors to come to a website that even Google cannot read or understand what the pages are about!  This WordPress plugin has been developed by Jason Fladlien (An internet marketer who always investigates the effects of the latest Google search engines up dates) So we can be sure that this on page SEO tool will make sure that we have done sufficient optimization to ensure each aspect is 100%  

Read more about this On-Page SEO Tool Here I will be installing this WordPress Plug-In on this website and reviewing the performance over the coming weeks as a case study. So bookmark this page and come back soon!

Without 100% On Page SEO
Your Website Is On Page 2,580,000! 

That's right, there are 25,800,000 web pages
for the keywords

" On Page SEO Tool"


The Traffic Brain Gold

News Flash-Only 20 Traffic Brain (Gold) Memberships Left!

Since my previous post on 4th October 2011 so many memberships of The Traffic Brain Gold have been snapped so fast that there are now only 20 slots available!

Get More Information about The Traffic Brain Gold

So if you have been on the fence about The Traffic Brain Gold have a look below at the update to my website stats courtesy of for the period 15th august 2011 to 31 October 2011 I may decide to flip this website now that this website is getting a steady flow of visitors! (If I had not joined the traffic brain this website would have remained unknown and unwanted hundreds of pages away from Google page 1

traffic stats

I know this image is a bit small but you can still see the trend! It seems that only the Halloween celebrations interfered with the traffic numbers! 

Back to The Traffic Brain Gold, as I said earlier it is a web based membership so there is no software to download or configure. You just log-in and create your projects in under 10 minutes. In fact once you have given the project a name and entered the domain URL the traffic brain will scrape the website description and the keywords from your website and fill in the project form for you!

Get More Information about The Traffic Brain Gold

Get 24,000 Credits A Month
With The Traffic Brain Gold

You have the option to modify the description and the keywords (Up to 5 keywords) before selecting the number of credits you wish to allocate. With The Traffic Brain Gold you will have 24,000 credits allotted to you each month which is more than enough to run 8 projects every month.

Give your Websites Some TLC With The Traffic Brain Gold!

The credits must be used as they will not be carried over-but why would you not use them? (Use them or lose them) I'm sure you will have a website that needs a bit of TLC! Get More Information about The Traffic Brain Gold


The Traffic Brain Review No:6

The Traffic Brain

The Traffic Brain

The Traffic Brain Is On A Roll!

In one of my previous posts about The Traffic Brain I told you about one of my websites ( that was currently on Google Page 1 Position 1 under a Google Ad of course! It is still there on page 1 but in position 2 having been usurped by nextag! But above Google Marketplace!

Get More Information about The Traffic Brain

In the area graph above you can see the trend is still up over the period 15 August 2011 to 03 October 2011 thanks to the traffic brain but for some reason Tuesdays and Saturdays are quiet?

(Stats courtesy of StatCounter-The Green areas are total clicks and the Blue areas are the unique clicks)

As I indicated in a previous post I am using the traffic brain silver package which is now fully subscribed but the traffic brain gold package is still available

If you are spending far too much time and energy promoting your website with directory submissions which do not seem to impress the search engines and have written original articles with quality content that gives your readers a pleasant and useful experience it can be disappointing to say the least, but if your ranking in the search engines is page 101 of Google then it is quite likely you will not get any visitors or ever be found? And that is depressing!

This is the reality of using the internet to provide an income stream from your pride and joy website. The reason I quote page 101 is because internet marketers have tools (Either software or web based) that can only report the first 10 pages (10 x 10=100) so in reality if your website is not on page 1 of Google, Bing or Yahoo no one will find you! I never look beyond page 1 and nor do most people unless they have oodles of time!

So assuming you have fully optimised your websites by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimised) techniques and have great content or a service that meets a need then you cannot relax at this stage because your website pages are judged by popularity but how can they be if no one knows you or where you are?

You could take out Pay per Click (PPC) adverts (on the big search engines to stimulate traffic but you may have to spend more time than you can afford to rank against the competition which can be fierce depending on the keywords you have chosen and the cost per click (CPC)

OR the other way is to write articles for submission to the big article directories. Articles that give useful tips and advice related to your website content or service are the most popular and who knows your articles could be syndicated to other websites with your byeline/signature included.

OR you could subscribe to forums related to your expertise and contribute to threads with your posts providing useful information to other members. Eventually according to the forum rules you will be allowed to include your signature/byeline and a link to your website pages. Some forums insist on 50 posts as a minimum before you can do this so it's not going to be quick…

OR You Could Use The Traffic Brain (Gold)

Get More Information about The Traffic Brain and how you can get your life back!

Editors Note: If you were trying to reach this website over the first weekend in October or searching for the traffic brain and couldn't it was due to the hosting company  server being down and being replaced with a new IP address! All told about 36 hours out of action while the IP was propagated. This is the first time in 9 years that I have experienced a server failing

Oh, I nearly forgot, Statcounter now has Google Rankings in their stats! And it's still free!




The Traffic Brain Q & A

The Traffic Brain
The Top 5 Questions & Answers

Q1. Is The Traffic Brain software or web based?

A1. It’s a membership website where you can log-in to your account and create your campaigns.

Q2. The traffic brain had 3 different packages to choose from-which one are you using?

A2. I am using The Traffic Brain (Silver) but I should have got the Gold package…

Q3. How many URL's / Campaigns can you have with the traffic brain gold package?

A3. In fact there is no limit to the number of URL's as you are only limited by your balance of credits.

Q4. How many credits does a traffic brain URL/ Campaign cost?

A4. Each campaign will consume a maximum of 2,120 credits-depending on which options you choose to spend your credits on. You can purchase additional credits from the membership dashboard-but if you don't use them, you lose them-be warned!

Q5. Does the traffic brain have a reporting or tracking facility?

A5. TheTraffic Brain does not track anything apart from the number of actual credits used which could be less than the 2,120 I mentioned earlier.

(Do what I did-Download and install SEO Rank Reporter, it's an excellent WordPress Plugin that will track your URL/Keyword rankings for you and it's FREE from

I have set up one of my WordPress sites with all of the Traffic Brain campaign URL's and keywords, to save having to visit each site to check the current ranking.

Get More Information about The Traffic Brain

For me this is the ideal setup for the traffic brain

As I can see at a glance where my sites are ranking and any movement up or down. SEO Rank Reporter checks every 3 days and if you want the advantage of a graph showing the trend then you will have to install the plugin on each site.

I no longer waste my precious time on backlinking, not that I ever did that much as it's such a stupid measure of a sites worth to visitors just because a site is on page 1 does not mean it provides value or even quality-Spin(Eng)glish rules?

Who wants a thousand versions of an article when the first one is pure gibberish?

Back to The Traffic Brain-I currently have 5 sites on page 1 and two for two different keywords! Of course I have more sites that I will plugin to The Traffic Brain that are currently lower in rank than the 100th (Page 10 position 10) but at least I can see where my article writing efforts are needed-much more pleasurable than building backlinks…

Note: I posted an article on the warrior forum recently which I have adapted here for my blog readers.

Get more information about The Traffic Brain

Any questions about The Traffic Brain?


The Traffic Brain Revisited!

Can The Traffic Brain Gold Really Help To Make A Website Visible In The Search Results?

For anyone  skeptical about the traffic brain and the benefits of using it to promote websites then let me give you some real life statistics using The Traffic Brain Silver which is no ionger available as it is fully subscribed

Note: Go For GOLD!!!

The Traffic Brain is one of my many websites that has had the benefit of an increase in visitors since 25th August 2011

Visitor Statistics from 14th August to 13th September 2011 for The Traffic Brain

Day Date Page Loads Uniques—> First Time
Sunday 14th August 2011 0 0 0
Monday 15th August 2011 0 0 0
Tuesday 16th August 2011 0 0 0
Wednesday 17th August 2011 0 0 0
Thursday 18th August 2011 0 0 0
Friday 19th August 2011 19 7 7
Saturday 20th August 2011 26 8 8
Sunday 21st August 2011 4 4 4
Monday 22nd August 2011 2 2 2
Tuesday 23rd August 2011 16 8 7
Wednesday 24th August 2011 27 11 9
Thursday 25th August 2011 5 5 5
Friday 26th August 2011 23 19 19
Saturday 27th August 2011 22 14 14
Sunday 28th August 2011 15 8 8
Monday 29th August 2011 31 17 15
Tuesday 30th August 2011 34 13 11
Wednesday 31st August 2011 27 8 8
Thursday 1st September 2011 28 19 19
Friday 2nd September 2011 17 10 10
Saturday 3rd September 2011 15 14 14
Sunday 4th September 2011 44 25 25
Monday 5th September 2011 22 12 12
Tuesday 6th September 2011 15 14 14
Wednesday 7th September 2011 45 25 25
Thursday 8th September 2011 49 25 22
Friday 9th September 2011 18 13 13
Saturday 10th September 2011 24 22 22
Sunday 11th September 2011 19 12 11
Monday 12th September 2011 23 20 20
Tuesday 13th September 2011 11 11 11


The number of unique / first time visitors has increased as well as page loads which is re-assuring as it means visitors are coming back as well!

Of course it could take longer if one has keywords in a highly competitive niche such as weight loss etc

The Traffic Brain

So how much of my time was spent setting up the traffic brain? A lot less less time than writing this post I can tell you!

Get your life back by using The Traffic Brain
And give yours a rest!

The Traffic Brain

PS: The above was achieved with The Traffic Brain Silver package-Just think what you could achieve with the traffic brain gold!

The Traffic Brain

The Traffic Brain Update

The Traffic Brain

The Traffic Brain

Sold Out?


The Traffic Brain

Since my last post regarding The Traffic Brain it has been selling so fast that the Silver and Platinium packages have sold out! But if you are quick The Traffic Brain Gold package is still available! The Traffic Brain is a membership site so you can purchase additional credits anytime from within the membership control panel.

The Traffic Brain (Gold Package)
Is Still Available!

The Traffic Brain

The Traffic Brain Gold package comes with 24,000 credits every month which equates to $0.0020 per credit enough to fully promote up to 8  URL's each  month for only $48 per month (Note: The credits cannot be carried over to the next month but why would you not use them all in the current month? It makes sense to maximise your campaigns-If you don't use them you loose them!)

The Traffic Brain

If you are undecided about the value of The Traffic Brain Gold package then I can assure you that this is the simplest and most effective method of achieving popularity with Google and we all know what that means!

I bought in early buying the Platinum package and once I realised how easy it was to setup my campaigns and how quick it could be done I thought "I should have got the The Traffic Brain Gold package" 

The Traffic Brain
Gold Package Is Your Last Chance!!!   

The Traffic Brain

Still undecided? Then think about the thousands of hours of drudgery you can avoid by paying only $6 to get free targeted traffic sent to each of your domains every month simply by spending  less than 10 minutes per URL just by entering the following information into the traffic brain: 

  • Project Name (6-20 characters-Hardest part!)
  • The URL you want to get traffic for (You know the http:// thingy)
  • RSS URL (If present it will be found for you!
  • Ping me-or not to ping?
  • Title of Webpage (Or  20-80 characters of your own)
  • Description (50-200 characters-Automatically inserted)
  • Keywords (Automatically inserted but you can choose them yourself)
  • Choose how much traffic you want!
  • Click "Start Project"

How hard was that? (Most of the work is done for you) so you don't have to use your brain because the traffic brain does it for you!

Use this new software to grab crazy amounts of ultra targeted website traffic anytime you want to dominate any niche you choose. Building your complete autopilot business with free targeted web site traffic. You don't even have to pay for this traffic…

Plug into the largest undiscovered traffic and link sources known only to the traffic brain today; there is zero competition to deal with — thanks to The Traffic Brain:

Build a complete autopilot business based on easy to get, ultra targeted web site traffic. You don't even have to pay for this traffic…

Plug into the largest source of undiscovered traffic and quality link sources in the World. With "ZERO" competition — thanks to The Traffic Brain:

The Traffic Brain

Avoid The Pain

Use The Traffic Brain!

Using your brain may not be enough, you are only human!

Without the traffic brain you are on course for a ton of work that will make you  wonder why you gave up your 9-5 job… There are only so many hours you can work on your websites before you need sleep.

Unless you out-source the mind numbing work of social bookmarketing, and guest blogg-ing etc you are doomed  to be a slave of your computer/s trying to get visitors to your blog or website.

Of course you could pay to get targeted traffic but with so much competition for your chosen keywords you could be paying $ per click with PPC (Pay Per Click) and end up in a bidding war which could leave you penniless if you could not access your PPC advertising campaign to monitor and manage your CPC (Cost Per Click) when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is down for whatever reason! With The Traffic Brain set up to work for you won't need to pay for PPC!

Without The Traffic Brain Answer These Questions About Work and Life, Honestly…

Question 1: Do you miss your family and having time for fun because you are spending all your time writing articles, submitting your sites to directories and search engines to get traffic?

Question 2: Do you want a system that will spare you the mundane burden of publicizing your websites and gives you back your life?

If your Answer to both is YES! Then you need to re-appraise your strategies and use The Traffic Brain which builds on your hard work by syndicating your content to websites that Google loves without the research and mindless clicking of social bookmarking and search engine submission!

Give your self a break from the daily grind by using the The Traffic Brain as well as your own…

It's cheaper than you think and it works, thats why I am writing this post for you as I use the traffic brain as well as my own brain to get my life back!!!

How much is your time worth per hour? Your time is not bankable, if you don't use it you lose it!

What are you doing down here? You should have clicked one of the links above to start your new life as an Internet marketer with time to spare for the good things in your life!

Free Reverse Phone Search Software

Free Reverse Phone Tool

Reverse Phone Search For US Phone Numbers

This software is free to download and use. Just Enter the 10 digit number without the country code, without brackets ( ) and hyphens – like this 1234567890 and then click Search.

Within seconds you will get the results from multiple  sources (Phone Search, White Pages,411, Reverse Check, USA Phone and choose by clicking on “Results”

The only charges are for the individual services.

Phone Search offers a full report for $14.95

The information that appears is limited to the phone type and location on the first page. To get the owners name you need to purchase a Full Report which includes the available information for: Owner’s name and address plus any Household members. People search results and more! (Best Value is premium membership)

Premium Membership

Full Phone Report for (817) 938-1155 + Unlimited People Searches and Basic Reverse Phone Lookups for 1 Year

White Pages will text the information for $1.99

411 will also text your cellphone for $1.99

Reverse Check Basic Check is $14.99 one time billing or $3.33pm for unlimited lookups offers membership plans

Download A Free copy of the Reverse Phone Search Software

Download your FREE copy of Reverse Phone Search Here

(Right Click and Save Link As) 369kb filesize

Brandable Search Reverse Phone Tool with Re-Branding Tool

Or if you want to buy the Brandable Search Reverse Phone Software complete with the Re-Branding Tool you can give away a Free copy to your list members  with your Clickbank Affiliate Link and when they search and purchase a service you will get the commission! Or even sell copies as well as receiving commissions!

Buy the Brandable Version for $9.99

Brandable Search Reverse Phone Software
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What are you doing here-still not convinced?

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